ZTAG Drone Laser Tag System Mounting Assembly


This 3D printed mount assembly will both protect the ZTAG Drone Laser Tag board from the inevitable crash as well as makes it mount to your drone in under a minute. This assembly comes with 3 pieces: a ZTAG board shell, universal drone mount, and sensor cowling.

ZTAG board shell:
This shell completely envelopes your ZTAG board and protects your investment from crashes. The shell features two external M3 mount points that will absorb impact away from the ZTAG board.

Universal mount:
This universal mount is compatible with most digital HD frames that have M3 front bottom standoff screws that have 18-33mm center-to-center spacing. The mount thickness requires you to have at least 4mm of additional length on your M3 screws. The slip-on design means you can install and remove this mount without needing to remove your screws and dropping them in the dirt! The mount also allows height adjustment for the ZTAG Drone Laser Tag board so that you can get the perfect view of the LED display without obstructing your vision. Since this mount sticks out from the bottom of your frame, it will likely be the first thing that touches the ground when you land so be gentle. This mount will protect your board but is certainly not indestructible.

Sensor cowling:
The sensor cowling will increase the difficulty of a tag because it blocks stray hit signals from above the drone. Other players must hit you directly from behind or from underneath. This is significant because overhead shots tends to send the drone battle into outer space as pilots just keep flying higher and higher to gain the "upper ground" 😉 This cowling will also increase the accuracy of the left vs right hit sensing. In order to play a fair game, all players should decide together if the sensor cowling should be used or not. This sensor cowling is easily installed between the board shell and the universal mount.