STL Purchase Requests

STL Purchase Request

    • STL File Request and Purchase Policy:

      1. Availability: Not all STL files are available for purchase. Specifically, Action Camera mount STL files will not be sold. Other products may also be restricted and will be declined upon request via email.
      2. Request Process:
        • Locate the product pages for the STL files you wish to purchase.
        • Copy and paste the URL or Product Title (preferred) into the request form, including the variant if applicable (e.g., 29mm spacing).
        • We will review your request and respond via email to inform you of which STL files are approved for purchase.
      3. Payment and Delivery:
        • Approved STL files will be provided with a payment link.
        • Upon invoice payment, you will receive an email with your purchased files.
      4. No Refunds: There are NO refunds for purchased STL files.
      5. File Fit and Printing: We are not responsible for the fit or print quality of the purchased STL files. Our designs print well on our machines, but you may need to adjust your settings for optimal results. Contact us with any questions before purchasing.

      Legal Disclaimer:

      By purchasing any STL file, you agree to the following terms: You may not share, distribute, or sell this file, or any derivatives thereof, in any form. No commercial use or printing for others is allowed. STL files are strictly for personal use only. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited and will result in legal action.