RiteWing Nano Drak Accessory Kit

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This Accessory kit is for the RiteWing Nano Drak:

Kit Includes:

Side Bay x2: Side bays have been designed with SMA style antenna
knock out, a nice lip on the back side to make opening a breeze, also
plenty of cooling for any vtx installed in the bay. Forced cooling with
bigger size exhausts vents to ensure less drag.
Link for installation:

Ram-Air Bulkhead:
**This is a must have to use battery bay cover and electronics bay
Bulkhead includes threaded screw holes to lock down both battery and
electronics bay covers with thumb screws. Replacing the stock foam
bulkhead with the new Ram-Air will also stiffen up the center of the
airframe in high G turns and stop most flex.
This design was made with mass airflow in mind, pulling air in flight
from the top of the airframe and directed over all electronics in the
main bay.
Keeping your electronics in the open airflow is key. With pushing our
Nano Drak to the limits will ultimately heat up that ESC so forcing as
much airflow over the electronics is the best situation possible.
Link for Installation:

Battery Bay Cover: Printed in TPU to allow ease of access to the main
battery bay and locked down by the Ram Air bulkhead. Front side of the
print will be glued down to the air frame up to the hinge line, **DO
NOT GLUE PAST THE LINE** This cover will butt up directly to the
bulkhead and fill any gap to ensure direct airflow to the electronics bay.

Electronics Bay Cover: This cover is designed with maximum exhaust of
air flow coming into the frame. There are 2 types of electronic covers
both with this in mind. 1 with rear facing scoop and 3 hexagon design
patterns, and 1 with three slots making it a flat surface. Thumb screws
are used to lock this cover in allowing quick access to the things that
matter most.

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