ND Filter Session Mounts (TBS ND Filters) (Choose your frame)

From $15.00


These mounts do NOT come with a TBS ND Filter. But the filters can be purchased HERE.

Note: The ND16 Filters are slightly thicker then the rest. They are a very tight fit in the ND Session Mounts we make. Please use caution when inserting the GoPro into the mount so you do not crack or break the ND filter. A tip for inserting the GoPro is to slightly angle the GoPro so the front of the GoPro goes in first. 

Here is our line of ND Filter Session Mounts. This mount accepts the TBS Jello Guard ND Filter. Other ND filters may fit if the measurements are close to 33mm x 36mm. This is available for any of our side load session mounts and we will be adding more frames to the list as time goes by. If we make a side load session mount for a specific frame you have and you do not see it in the list, please shoot us a message. We will gladly modify that mount to accept the filter.