Inline KCD11 switch holder



So yesterday I created two versions of this inline switch holder for the 10mm x 15mm KCD11 3A rocker switch which is cheap and plentiful, I ordered 40 from an eBay seller in China for less than $8 shipped! Though I could be waiting 2 months... (update: only had to wait 2 weeks)

The second version requires TPU for the main print because it has a 'living hinge' joining the two halves together, and TPU again for the band.

You'll need to cut the legs of the KCD11 switch to 3mm to fit inside the shell. The cable holes are large enough to accommodate two 18 AWG wires as pictured in the 4-way cable I made.

If you need to remove the band you can do so by wedging a small flat headed screwdriver underneath the long edge and lifting it up over the corner.

This switch holder was designed for use with low voltage applications, 5v / 12v DC etc., please don't consider using it with mains AC cables.

If you're looking for the most durable version, the fully TPU printed holder is what you want.

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