ImpulseRC Apex GoPro Hero 8 Mount

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This is a bolt on GoPro Hero 8 Mount for the ImpulseRC Apex. The Hero mount works with or without a ND filter inserted into the lens. ND filters are sold separately. Printed out of TPU and available in a variety of colors.

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Incorrect review

I wrote that review being a stupid jerk. I was crying that my props were in view. There is no way brain3d could possibly account for whatever configuration I would choose to run. That's absurd.
I was rude, but brain was kind natured, even offering to make adjustments when I should have been told to take a hike. Made me realize..

The quality of the mount I received is actually excellent.
It's solid, the right amount of flex to work with the gopro and absorbs vibration for a beautiful image. There is care in the design with the ND Filter slot and lense protective shape, also in the cut that opens to get the gopro in and out, colors to choose, and matched to a specific frame in the base.
I got my order SUPER fast with care in the packaging.
I was and am super stoked that brain3d is looking out for FPV and will recommend to friends.
Thank you.