Micro FPV Cam Mount



ATTENTION: This product is not intended for the DJI FPV Cam. The DJI mounts can be found here: HERE 

This FPV cam mount is made to fit the new RunCam Micro Swift and Foxeer Arrow Micro FPV cams on frames that have standoff widths from center to center in 27mm, 30.5mm and 40mm. PLEASE measure your front standoff width from center to center. These will fit some frames perfectly as that is what they are made for. But still may work with other frames with similar standoff widths within a 1-2mm difference in width.

Pressure fit mount is made ONLY for 27mm wide standoffs exactly. It also only fits the original Foxeer and Runcam Mirco Cases. And it puts the FPV cam directly between the standoffs. We made this for the Hyperlite Tooth Fairy.

Comes in three different sizes so please be sure to choose correctly. 

Made especially for the Hyperlite, HyperFloss and Hyperlite EVO (30.5mm). Also other frames such as the Xhover Win 4/5 (40mm). 


Keyword: Floss, floss

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Frank Myers
Very crisp design

The pieces I ordered worked perfectly to mount my camera to the frame.

Fits extremely well, holds camera securely.

I like it, the colors match and it’s very easy to set up.

Daniel A
40mm Works Amazingly on Martian-III

While it might seem odd putting such a nice mount on a frame so cheap they could be considered expendable, the honest answer is that the camera protection these provide is amazing, and worth the cost even when pinching pennies on builds. Building a fleet of budget quads (with high performance where it counts), these mounts are absolutely a worthwhile investment in keeping the camera safe and undamaged in crashes.

Jason Brown
Xhover win 5 camera mount.

bought these camera mounts for my win 5 and I couldn't be happier with my purchase! They hold my micro swift securely in place. The print quality is second to none, definitely will be returning to purchase more products for future builds!