GPS SMA Immortal-T Mount

From $10.00


This mount is made to combine your GPS, SMA antenna and Immortal-T all in the same part for convenient and clean mounting. The Matek SAM-M8Q fits in the top tray. The Immortal-T antenna slides in from the back of the mount. The standoff spacing on this print is 30mm wide but is designed to slightly stretch or shrink to standoff spacing that is within 3-4mm. When stretching or shrinking the standoff sleeves the SMA portion of the print may become slightly deformed but still is completely functional. The standoff sleeves are made to fit 5mm knurled standoffs. But can be pressed on to hex standoffs, but it is not easy. This print was made to fit many of the popular frames. Also, prop clearance has not been checked on every frame but the GPS should be sitting under the prop line. Buy at your own risk. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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