GoPro Hero 8 Universal Camera Mount

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This mount is printed out of durable TPU. Made specifically for the GoPro Hero 8. The camera slides in from the side and there is no need for any straps to hold it in.  It attaches to your frame with zip ties. We recommend using larger thick zip ties to secure it.  There is a integrated lens bumper built in that can be used with a TBS ND filter. ND filter is NOT included but can be found on our website. Available in a variety of colors and angles. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Perfect product

I have used two of theese for a couple of months and couldn't be more pleased. Very durable. I prefer to attach with zipties instead of screews (that tend to rip through their holes an wear down the TPU in the most violent crashes).
The ND filter slot works fine. The problem with hero 8 battery door getting popped of too easily when opened is mitigated by the TPU holding it in its place.
It is the perfect camera mount for my main style of flying, proximity freestyle.

Rick Reed
Good Quality/Size/Fit

Just got mine today, ordered it a few days ago, it came quick, everything was excellent quality, fit was perfect, held my go pro 8 perfect and made some sweet videos, highly recommend them, will definitely use them more in the future.