DJI Osmo Action Camera ND Filter Bumper

From $3.00


This print is for the DJI Osmo. It is made to provide a little protection to the lens and hold a TBS ND Filter.  It slides onto the lens and sits slightly above the lens surface while still avoiding being in your footage. 

These lens bumpers will not work with our Osmo mounts. It must be used on a naked Osmo not inside of a case. 

This version accepts the TBS Jello Guard filters. Please be sure to slide the bumper onto the lens of the Osmo first. Then you may slide the filter into the bumper from the side. 

We are offering them for sale in singles and in a 3 piece value pack. They lens bumper is pressure fit tightly but we want to offer a pack in case the bumper is lost in a crash.

TBS Filter NOT included with the bumpers

Keyword: ND Filter , jello gaurd