DJI HD FPV Goggle Shim



This print only comes in Black at this time.

Made some shims for the Dji goggle to fit my face better. Gets rid of 95% of the light leak on the sides and across the top. They also feel more comfortable as the pressure is distributed more evenly. I’ll post up a link to the files for those of you that might find this helpful. I printed at 15% infill. Out of tpu. A good solution until dji offers more foam shapes.

Once printed.....the bed side of the shim is mounted to the goggle with double stick tape. First I positioned the shim on the goggle and cut the original velcro from where the shim would mount...... and removed the velcro from the goggle very carefully. I just reused the velcro because it was still sticky. Clean the surface and double stick taped the shims down. Then I reapplied the velcro on top of the shim. The foam mounts back in place on top of the shim. Print in black, with as little infill as possible. the shim needs to be flexible to contour to the shape of the goggle.

Thanks for the file kwboost from thingiverse!!

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