DJI Action 2 Mount w/ Strap Slots (Mr. Steele Inspired Mount!)

From $10.00


This mount was inspired by Mr. Steele! He loves to mount his action cameras on a foam wedge and wanted a mount that would protect his camera and still allow him to strap the camera to the wedge. So we designed a mount with angled strap slots so the strap could evenly secure to the frame below. This mount does accept a ND filter such as TBS or Camera Butter. It can be used without a filter but works much better with a filter inserted for a better fit. Printed out of TPU and available in a variety of colors.

This mount is made to be used with a ND filter. The filters that fit are the TBS or Camera Butter filters found on our site. You may use this mount without a ND filter but run the risk of seeing some TPU in your footage only when recording in ultra wide. Please use a ND filter if you plan to record in ultra wide.