BN-880 GPS Module & DJI Dual Stock Antenna Standoff Mount (Immortal-T Option)

From $10.00


Please note, this mount is made to be as universal as possible. However, it may not fit every frame because of prop clearance. You can move the mount to the top or bottom of the standoffs to help clear the props if this is a issue. Buy at your own discretion. 

This 3D print is made to hold your BN-880 GPS. This 3D printed mount holds your GPS module at a 25° angle off the back of your drone. This mount also holds the stock DJI antennas. The legs of this mount are very flexible and can fit standoffs widths of 15mm-35mm. Please choose if you want an Immortal-T holder underneath your GPS mount.  Printed out of durable TPU and available in a variety of colors.

This GPS module can be bought here: