Stock GoPro Mounting Adjustable Base (Choose Frame)



***This is just the base portion of the print for sale. The protective 3D printed case is sold separately.*** HERE <----

These 3D prints are made to bolt to a specific frame that is listed in the drop down menu. If you do not see the frame listed then we do not have it modeled yet but please don't hesitate to message us and ask. The mounting on these bases are made to connect to the stock GoPro cases that are supplied with your new GoPro Camera. We also sell a protective case for your GoPro that connects to this same style of mounting. Enjoy!!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice Mount

Bought one for Squirt 2 and it made some vibrations go away. Nice coverage of the camera and the front screen. Thin, but effective. I can still see the mode i am in trough the mount. With some heat it streched the right amaount so it can hold the camera nicelly, but still be easy to take out of it. ND slot gives no problems. I can't find better mount on the market. I am now buying a second one for my other drone.

no-brainer, especially with a GoPro 8 and later

I purchased the ImpulseRC Alien and Diatone Taycan version of this mount, along with accompanying case for my GoPro 7. It has worked beautifully so far; before I would have to squeeze the camera out of its mount whenever I swapped between my freestyle and cinewhoop, but now it's as easy as removing the thumbscrew and swapping the camera to another base. I also appreciate that it's easily adjustable; no more swapping camera mounts in the field for a different angle. A flying friend has a GoPro 8, and with its built-in mounting arms he's saved a good deal of weight compared to his previous TPU-printed one.

Long story short, I'm shocked that these mounts aren't more common; it solves a lot of the annoyances that usually come along with 3d printed mounts.