Armattan Marmotte & Badger Session Mounts


A bolt-on Session mount for the Armattan Marmotte & Badger frame. Printed in durable TPU and available in a variety of colors. Unbolt the top carbon plate. Slide it through the base of the Session mount. Then bolt the carbon plate back onto your Marmotte frame and Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

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Chris S

I tried fitting a caddx orca in this mount, but it's not a good fit. The plastic edges bow. It looks like it may put pressure on the operating button, too, but mine is busted so I can't speak for that part.

I picked up a runcam5 orange today and the fit is amazing.

Kevin Reynolds
Couldn't ask for anything better

The quality of the print (actually all of their prints) is flawless. My Session 5 fits perfectly and it fits on the frame tight with no issues. I can honestly say I've never had 1 single issue with any of the prints I've bought from Brain 3d.

Good, but a little loose

I like this mount, but I do have two problems with it:

1. If you land upside-down, and you use turtle mode to flip upright, the Immortal-T antenna is within easy reach of the props and can get cut (happened to me on my first flight).

2. The mount is not held very tightly by the Marmotte's carbon plate on top of the cage. For me, the front is tight, but the rear is loose, so I get a lot of vibration on the GoPro footage. I've just tried putting some E6000 adhesive on the carbon plate before sliding it into the mount and screwing it to the cage. My hope is the adhesive will fill any gaps and stick the mount to the plate, thereby tightening the connection to the frame and reducing vibration. Just did this tonight, so fingers crossed.

Loco-B FPV
High Quality Print!

The tolerances on this Marmotte session mount print are very tight. It is very snug with the frame mount plate and the Gopro fitment. Jello is virtually non-existent. It already survived a gnarly crash with no damage to the mount or my Gopro. Highly recommend!