Apple AirTag Holder for FOX 34-36 Fork & RockShox Pike




 **Please read the description below for fitment. Buy at your own risk if your fork is not listed. Please contact us with questions before buying. Thanks!

Fits: FOX 36 & 34 Performance - FOX 36 Performance Elite - RockShox Pike
Does NOT fit:  FOX 38 forks - FOX 34 Factory & Step-Cast (Slightly loose)

This product is made to hold a Apple AirTag and press fit into your steerer tube of your front fork. Currently this mount fits in FOX 34 & 36 forks and does NOT fit in a FOX 38. Also, does not fit the FOX 34 Factory or Step-Cast. We will make a separate holder for the factory models. FOX 38 forks have a smaller diameter then a AirTag so it will not fit at all. We have tried a few RockShox forks and they seem to fit fine. If your fork steerer tube hole is roughly 32mm-34.5mm this mount should work. It is designed and printed out of flexible material so that it will pressure fit into your fork regardless of the slight size difference in diameter. 

Available in many colors but we recommend black so that your AirTag stays hidden and matches your fork!

Tips for installation: Press fit the AirTag into the bottom of the holder. Line the holder up with the bottom of your fork hole. Slowly rotate the holder in a circle while pressing upward into your fork. Keep the holder as straight as possible while fulling seating it into the fork. If the holder becomes angled, the material may begin to buckle and you will have to start over. Some forks are tighter then others. Once the holder is more then half way in you can push it into the fork  all the way until its flush. 

For removal you can try to use your nails and pry it out. The best way is to use needle nose pliers carefully and gently pull down until is comes out. Message us with any questions. Thanks!

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Perfect Fit on Fox 36 Factory Series

Installed this on my 2019 Fox 36 Factory Series fork. AirTag and steerer tube fit is perfect. Highly recommend.