Thumb Screw & Nut Combo - Light Weight Version - (For Stock GoPro Tab Style Adjustable Mounting)



This version of our thumb screw is machined with a 2.5mm hex on the head of the bolt for extra tightening power! This thumb screw is a minimal light weight version. There is a small knurled thumb screw for quick tightening. If you want to really crank down on the bolt you can use your 2.5mm hex driver to really crank it down tight! This combo is made to secure your Stock GoPro Tab Style adjustable mounts. It uses a M5 x .8 25mm bolt inserted into a knurled 3D printed thumb screw. We also include one M5 nut. The 3D printed knurled portion of this product can be removed if desired. 

Weight: Approx 3 grams

These thumb screws currently ONLY come in BLACK!! Thanks!!