XT60 & XT30 & XT90 Charge Indicator Covers

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Comes in sets of 10.

Double sided covers for your xt60 & xt30 & XT90 connectors. Easily mark your battery charged or discharged with the green and red sides. There is a barrier in the middle of the connector to protect your connector completely. 

Customer Reviews

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Antonio Tomsic


Necessary and high quality!

These dual indicator covers are basically a necessity when flying and charging multiple batteries as it can be easy to lose track which are charged and which are discharged. These brain3d covers and indicators are printed well and fit perfectly!

Hank Lambert
Excellent XT60 plug covers

I bought these so that I could know at a glance which batteries were charged and which were not. At home this isn't a problem, but in the field it's nice to easily see which batteries are ready for flight.

An added bonus is the protection the caps provide. I fly in Florida, and there is sand everywhere. Keeping these caps on all of my batteries when not in use keeps dirt, sand, and water out of the connectors.

I have these for all of my XT60 batteries and I am ordering them for my XT30 batteries.

Rick Haywood
Quality made and most convenient!

I use these for all of my batteries. Having the double sided ones like this is the most convenient way to protect my batteries and also know which ones are ready to use and which ones need charging. Plus the quality of Brain3D products can't be beat! 👍

Jeremy King

I've been considering getting a few of these to try out for a bit now but my cheep pony tail holder system has worked fine for around the house . I ordered a AXLL antenna holder for my hawk 5 and when it arrived (prompt) there were a few goodies added in (XT60) connecters and a some smarties . I cant stand smarties to be honest but my kids didn't have a issue fighting over them lol . They fit perfect and seem to be made of a quality material . I'm very please and will be ordering some to replace my old system .