Brain3D FPV Inspired Coasters & Holder



Brain3D FPV Coasters & Holder are perfect for the FPV enthusiast. These coasters will provide a great way to add a bit of flair to your household or workbench. With its unique design, the Brain3D FPV Coasters & Holder add an extra touch of class to any setup. Comes in a set of 5, these perky coasters are printed out of TPU, with Black logos press-fit into them. Don't worry - they won't slip out unless you flex the coaster and intentionally pop the pieces out. The holder's made of PLA, and can hold all 5 brew-soakers, while the colors are RANDOMIZED every time we print them - with the logos still being Black. Want a specific coaster color??? Reach out to us FIRST! Cheers!