DJI O3 Light Weight Version w/ RP1 Antenna Mount (4mm Standoffs, Choose Standoff Width)

From $6.00


This version is made to fit smaller diameter standoffs (4mm, outside diameter). These smaller standoffs usually accept smaller bolts such as 2mm and 2.5mm. To ensure proper fit please measure you standoffs.

This mount is made to hold the DJI O3 stock antenna with a RadioMaster RP1. This design holds the antenna tube in by pressure. The DJI O3 antenna has two wires coming out of the antenna tube. Push one of the connectors through the antenna mount hole and then you will be able to push the other connector in after. Both connectors cannot push through at the same time. If you take the antenna out of the antenna mount please be very careful not to pull the connectors off the antenna wires. Please measure your frame where you want to mount this antenna mount and measure the standoff width from center to center of the bolt holes. Printed out of durable TPU and available in a variety of colors. Enjoy!

O3 Antenna