GoPro Hero 9,10,11,11 mini,12, Hero Bones ND Filters - Premium Gorilla glass, twist-on

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Extremely high quality ND filters made for the GoPro Hero 9 , GoPro Hero 10 and GoPro Hero 11 Black. These filters twist on (or screw on) and off without tools, replacing the clear lens covering on the GoPro Hero 9/10/11/11 mini, maintaining the waterproof seal.   These premium filters use our ultra high quality Black Diamond glass - the best in the business.

These filters also fit the GoPro Black Bones

These ND filters are extremely strong - made from 2mm thick Corning Gorilla glass and anodized aluminum, these are the strongest GoPro ND filters in the world

The glass is nanocoated to reduce glare, repel water, oil and to make fingerprints easy to wipe off. 

These premium quality GoPro Hero 9/Hero 10/Hero 11 ND filters are available in a Multi-packs with different ND values, 3-packs of identical filters, singles, and also a Master Pack of All 5 ND values.

Includes a carrying case.

Compatible with:

  • GoPro Hero 12
  • GoPro Hero 11
  • GoPro Hero 11 mini
  • GoPro Hero 10
  • GoPro Bones
  • GoPro Hero 9

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the existing lens/cover by twisting 90 degrees parallel with the camera.  Pulling away from the camera slightly may help.
  2. Place the Camera Butter ND filter on the camera with the metal bars on the filter oriented horizontally
  3. While pushing down towards the camera, twist the filter 90 degrees until it is square on the GoPro.
  4. Make sure that the filter is seated correctly and is flush with the camera.   If it is crooked or can be removed easily, remove and re-install. 

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Decent quality. ND64 is the first thing you need for a GoPro